Lynn Goldsmith

When I decided to do a book on New Kids, my friends asked “why?” They were not a group that had respect in the music industry. In fact, by the time I wanted to do a book, their teen popularity was on the wane. I didn’t think that was the point. Here was the first white group in history managed by an Afro-American, here was a group of lower middle class boys who were causing middle class American white girls to view males of another race with less fear since their idols traveled and worked with people of color. I wanted to document that. NKOTB was a phenomena. Their fans deserved a book worthy of their unconditional love. I was sick of ‘fan’ books that were poorly produced and took advantage of teenage America. I wanted to show the world of book publishing that if you created something of value for kids, it would sell . The book was on the New York Times best seller list for 8 weeks.