Marky Mark
Lynn Goldsmith

For the most part, this book is compiled with images shot of Mark when I could grab a moment. I knew him as the youngest brother of New Kid On The Block, Donny. He wanted what his brother already had, girls, fame, and money. When his first record hit he was 20 years old and didn’t really know much about people outside his Dorchester, Mass. circle of friends. I wanted to do a black and white portrait book, but he never showed up for any of the scheduled shoots, so I had to work with what I could get on the road or what I had shot before he had success. He wanted the dedication to be to his penis. This was not something the publisher or I really thought was a good idea, however I had promised him he could say what he wanted in the book. Once the book was released his mother was not happy with Mark’s remark. I think he told her I came up with the idea, however if you knew Mark, you knew no one put words in his mouth.